The purpose of this study was to verify functional status
of diabetic foot patients submitted to lower limb major
amputation after the discharge of a university hospital,
reference in vascular surgery. A cohort of 31 diabetic foot
patients was identified from the electronic medical
records. Data were retrospectively collected from each
patients chart including age, gender, peripheral arterial
disease, level of amputation and number of readmissions.
Patients were contacted by phone. A questionnaire investigated the survival, functional and ambulatory status:
prosthesis use, reason for non-implantation of prosthetics, other hospitalization and amputation, mobility, selfperformance of activities of daily living such as dressing
and personal hygiene.

Ano: 2015

Autores: Ligia de Loiola Cisneros, Aline da Conceição Arruda, Tulio Pinho Navarro

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